TaPAS  0.2
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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| o*ccl-array.hA kind of template for dynamic arrays
| o*ccl-assert.hMacros allowing to set assertions into the code
| o*ccl-bittable.hImplementation of vectors of bits
| o*ccl-buffer.h
| o*ccl-common.hSome useful and common macros
| o*ccl-config-table.hImplementation of some kind of "preferences" table
| o*ccl-config.h
| o*ccl-exception.hAn exception mechanism
| o*ccl-graph.h
| o*ccl-hash.hA dynamic association table implemented by hashing
| o*ccl-heap.h
| o*ccl-init.h
| o*ccl-iterator.hA generic iterator interface
| o*ccl-list.hGeneric simple linked list
| o*ccl-log.hMessage displayer
| o*ccl-memory.hMemory Allocators
| o*ccl-parse-tree.hA generic parse tree
| o*ccl-pool.hA by-packet allocator
| o*ccl-poset.h
| o*ccl-protos.hFrequently used prototypes of generic functions
| o*ccl-rusage.h
| o*ccl-serializer.hSerialization function for basic C types
| o*ccl-set.h
| o*ccl-stack.hA generic stack implementation
| o*ccl-string.hModule gathering routines frequently used for the manipulation of string
| o*ccl-time.h
| \*ccl-tree.hGeneric not ordered tree structure
| \*template-plugin.c
 |\*alambic.hAlambic API
 |o*armoise-input.hSyntactical analyzer for the ARMOISE language
 |o*armoise-interp.hInterpreter of ARMOISE syntactic trees
 |o*armoise-tree.hSyntactic tree for the Armoise language
 |o*genepi-io.hUseful functions used to serialize GENEPI sets
 |o*genepi-loader.hPlugin Loader
 |o*genepi-plugin-config.hConfiguration tables for plugin
 |o*genepi-plugin.hSpecification of Plugin Prototypes
 |o*genepi-trace.hTrace commands used by DIJO
 |o*genepi-util.hGeneric operations on GENEPI sets
 |\*genepi.hGENEPI Solver Interface
 |o*prestaf-formula.hThis module implements an encoding of Presburger formulae. It computes also for a given formula its set of solutions using Shared Automata
 |\*prestaf-predicate.hThis module allows the manipulation of predicates for which variables take their value into ${\cal N}$. The relation underlying a predicate is encoded using a sataf_msa