FAST extended release

You are on the download page of the new version of the FAST tool. The official home page is hosted by the LSV laboratory.

Short description of FAST Extended Release

In this new release algorithms used to accelerate transitions are separated from those used to encode solutions of Presburger formulas. The encoding of solutions is realized by means of GENEPI plugins loaded when FASTer is started.


FASTer, GENEPI and Genepi plugins are downloadable from Download page.

Bug reporting and Feature requests

Report any bug and do not hesitate to request us for improvement using the contact form.


We have compared performances of Genepi plugins on FAST models (these files are distributed within the FAST package). Results of benchmarks are given on these page. Since the semi-algorithm implemented in FAST may make random choices, each test is parameterized by the seed of the random number generator; the seed is given in the second column of the table.