TaPAS  0.2
ccl Directory Reference


file  ccl-array.h [code]
 A kind of template for dynamic arrays.
file  ccl-assert.h [code]
 Macros allowing to set assertions into the code.
file  ccl-bittable.h [code]
 Implementation of vectors of bits.
file  ccl-buffer.h [code]
file  ccl-common.h [code]
 Some useful and common macros.
file  ccl-config-table.h [code]
 Implementation of some kind of "preferences" table.
file  ccl-config.h [code]
file  ccl-exception.h [code]
 An exception mechanism.
file  ccl-graph.h [code]
file  ccl-hash.h [code]
 A dynamic association table implemented by hashing.
file  ccl-heap.h [code]
file  ccl-init.h [code]
file  ccl-iterator.h [code]
 A generic iterator interface.
file  ccl-list.h [code]
 Generic simple linked list.
file  ccl-log.h [code]
 Message displayer.
file  ccl-memory.h [code]
 Memory Allocators.
file  ccl-parse-tree.h [code]
 A generic parse tree.
file  ccl-pool.h [code]
 A by-packet allocator.
file  ccl-poset.h [code]
file  ccl-protos.h [code]
 Frequently used prototypes of generic functions.
file  ccl-serializer.h [code]
 Serialization function for basic C types.
file  ccl-set.h [code]
file  ccl-stack.h [code]
 A generic stack implementation.
file  ccl-string.h [code]
 Module gathering routines frequently used for the manipulation of string.
file  ccl-time.h [code]
file  ccl-tree.h [code]
 Generic not ordered tree structure.