TaPAS  0.2
ccl-graph.h File Reference
#include <ccl/ccl-log.h>
#include <ccl/ccl-hash.h>
#include <ccl/ccl-list.h>
#include <ccl/ccl-tree.h>

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ccl_treeccl_graph_compute_lsa_tree (ccl_graph *G, ccl_hash **p_v2t)

Function Documentation

ccl_tree* ccl_graph_compute_lsa_tree ( ccl_graph *  G,
ccl_hash **  p_v2t 

Compute the LSA-tree of the DAG G. Table p_v2t maps vertices of G to nodes of the result.

See: J. Fisher and D.H. Huson. New common ancestor problems in trees and directed acyclic graphs. In Information Processing Letters 110 (2010).