TaPAS  0.2
Data Fields
ccl_parse_tree_st Struct Reference

Structure encoding of a parse-tree node. More...

#include <ccl-parse-tree.h>

Data Fields

int node_type
 An integer indicating the kind of the node e.g. the name of the non-terminal that generates the sub-tree.
const char * node_type_string
 A human-readable string of the node_type field. Mainly for debugging purposes.
ccl_parse_tree_value_type value_type
 Field indicating what type of data is stored into the value field.
ccl_parse_tree_value value
 A value that decorates this. This value is taken from the union ccl_parse_tree_value according to the value_type field.
int line
 Line of the "file" where this tree starts.
const char * filename
 Name of the "file" from which this tree has been read. This field can indicates something else than a file.
 Pointer to the first child of the node (NULL for leaves).
 Pointer to the next sibling of the node in the sibling list of the parent node.
 Pointer to the next node the global storage list. This list is used to collect all nodes created during the parsing of the file. It is then used to clean up the nodes in case of a jump on error.

Detailed Description

Structure encoding of a parse-tree node.

Definition at line 107 of file ccl-parse-tree.h.

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